Interim Register of Marine and Nonmarine Genera

Data Source ID: 8

The Interim Register of Marine and Nonmarine Genera (IRMNG) is a provisional (or ‘interim’) compilation of genus names – including species names in many cases – and covers both living and extinct biota into a single system to support taxonomic and other queries dealing with e.g. homonyms, authorities, parent-child relationships, spelling variations and distinctions between marine and non-marine or fossil and recent taxa. Taxonomic names in IRMNG are assigned flags to distinguish between marine vs. non-marine, and extant vs. fossil status; they are also arranged into a simple management hierarchy for navigation purposes, compilation of statistics per taxonomic group and more. Fuzzy matching is also supported (using 'Taxamatch') so that a misspelled name can in most instances be reconciled to a correctly held name at genus or species rank, where this is held. As at September 2016, IRMNG contains 2,294,053 taxon names (species to kingdoms), 364,544 accepted genera (485,000 genus names including synonyms) and 1,314,168 accepted species (1,782,614 species names including synonyms). IRMNG is currently hosted at VLIZ, the Flanders Marine Institute in Belgium, and can be consulted via its home page .