Catalogue of Life

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["This release of the Catalogue of Life contains contributions from 172 databases with information on 1,867,817 species, 160,092 infraspecific taxa and also includes 1,710,621 synonyms and 423,691 common names covering the following groups:", "Viruses * Viruses and Subviral agents from ICTV_MSL\nBacteria and Archaea from BIOS\nChromista * Chromistan fungi from Species Fungorum\nProtozoa * Major groups from ITIS Regional, * Ciliates from CilCat, * Polycystines from WoRMS Polycystina UPDATED!, * Protozoan fungi from Species Fungorum and Trichomycetes database * Slime moulds from\nFungi * Various taxa in whole or in part from CABI Bioservices databases (Species Fungorum, Phyllachorales, Rhytismatales, Saccharomycetes and Zygomycetes databases) and from three other databases covering Xylariaceae, Glomeromycota, Trichomycetes, Dothideomycetes * Lichens from LIAS\nPlantae (Plants) * Mosses from MOST * Liverworts and hornworts from ELPT * Conifers from Conifer Database * Cycads and 6 flowering plant families from IOPI-GPC, and 99 families from WCSP * Plus individual flowering plants families from AnnonBase, Brassicaceae, ChenoBase, Droseraceae Database, EbenaBase, GCC, ILDIS, LecyPages, LHD, MELnet, RJB Geranium, Solanaceae Source, Umbellifers.\nAnimalia (Animals) * Marine groups from URMO, ITIS Global, Hexacorals, ETI WBD (Euphausiacea), WoRMS: WoRMS Asteroidea UPDATED!, WoRMS Bochusacea UPDATED!, WoRMS Brachiopoda UPDATED!, WoRMS Brachypoda UPDATED!, WoRMS Brachyura UPDATED!, WoRMS Bryozoa UPDATED!, WoRMS Cestoda UPDATED!, WoRMS Chaetognatha UPDATED!, WoRMS Cumacea UPDATED!, WoRMS Echinoidea UPDATED!, WoRMS Gastrotricha UPDATED!, WoRMS Gnathostomulida UPDATED!, WoRMS Holothuroidea UPDATED!, WoRMS Hydrozoa UPDATED!, WoRMS Isopoda UPDATED!, WoRMS Leptostraca UPDATED!, WoRMS Monogenea UPDATED!, WoRMS Mystacocarida UPDATED!, WoRMS Myxozoa UPDATED!, WoRMS Nemertea UPDATED!, WoRMS Oligochaeta UPDATED!, WoRMS Ophiuroidea UPDATED!, WoRMS Phoronida UPDATED!, WoRMS Placozoa UPDATED!, WoRMS Polychaeta UPDATED!, WoRMS Polycystina UPDATED!, WoRMS Porifera UPDATED!, WoRMS Priapulida UPDATED!, WoRMS Proseriata-Kalyptorhynchia UPDATED!, WoRMS Remipedia UPDATED!, WoRMS Scaphopoda UPDATED!, WoRMS Tanaidacea UPDATED!, WoRMS Tantulocarida UPDATED!, WoRMS Thermosbaenacea UPDATED!, WoRMS Trematoda UPDATED!, WoRMS Xenoturbellida UPDATED! * Rotifers, mayflies, freshwater hairworms, planarians from FADA databases: FADA Rotifera, FADA Ephemeroptera, FADA Nematomorpha & FADA Turbellaria * Entoprocts, water bears from ITIS Global * Spiders, scorpions, ticks & mites from SpidCat via ITIS, SalticidDB , ITIS Global, TicksBase, SpmWeb BdelloideaBase UPDATED! & Mites GSDs: OlogamasidBase, PhytoseiidBase, RhodacaridBase & TenuipalpidBase * Diplopods, centipedes, pauropods and symphylans from SysMyr UPDATED! & ChiloBase * Dragonflies and damselflies from Odonata database * Stoneflies from PlecopteraSF * Cockroaches from BlattodeaSF * Praying mantids from MantodeaSF * Stick and leaf insects from PhasmidaSF * Grasshoppers, locusts, katydids and crickets from OrthopteraSF * Webspinners from EmbiopteraSF * Bark & parasitic lices from PsocodeaSF * Some groups of true bugs from ScaleNet, FLOW, COOL, Psyllist, AphidSF , MBB, 3i Cicadellinae, 3i Typhlocybinae, MOWD & CoreoideaSF* Twisted-wing parasites from Strepsiptera Database * Lacewings, antlions, owlflies, fishflies, dobsonflies & snakeflies from LDL Neuropterida * Some beetle groups from the Scarabs UPDATED!, TITAN, WTaxa & ITIS Global * Fleas from Parhost * Flies, mosquitoes, bots, midges and gnats from Systema Dipterorum, CCW & CIPA * Butterflies and moths from LepIndex, GloBIS (GART), Tineidae NHM, World Gracillariidae * Bees & wasps from ITIS Bees, Taxapad Ichneumonoidea, UCD, ZOBODAT Vespoidea & HymIS Rhopalosomatidae* Molluscs from WoRMS Mollusca UPDATED!, FADA Bivalvia, MolluscaFW & AFD (Pulmonata) * Fishes from FishBase * Reptiles from ReptileDB UPDATED! * Amphibians, birds and mammals from ITIS Global PLUS additional species of many groups from ITIS Regional, NZIB and CoL China"]