Catalogue of Life Checklist

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The Catalogue of Life is an assembly of expert-based global species checklists with the aim to build a comprehensive catalogue of all known species of organisms on Earth. Continuous progress is made towards completion, but for now, it probably includes just over 80% of the world's known species. The Catalogue of Life estimates 2.3M extant species on the planet recognised by taxonomists at present time. This means that for many groups it continues to be deficient, and users may notice that many species are still missing from the Catalogue. ### What's new in August 2023 edition ? #### 78 checklists updated: * 3i Auchenorrhyncha * Bryonames * Entiminae * Gelechiidae * GLI (Lepidoptera) * ITIS (incl. new global checklists for superfamily Eupodoidea and order Diplostraca (except cladoceran families from FADA Cladocera) * Scarabs * Sesiidae * SF Isoptera * TITAN * WCO (Opiliones) * WOL (Odonata) * World Ferns * WoRMS, 65 checklists #### Other changes: * World Plants have replaced Droseraceae family previously taken from the Droseraceae Database