COA Wildlife Conservation List

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Taiwan's unique geographical location and varied topography resulted in diverse fauna on this beautiful island. However, excessive land development and resource utilization have incessantly squeezed the space for the survival of wildlife. Wildlife conservation is not just a simple act of protection, it warrants reasonable and sustainable use of natural resources. The Wildlife Conservation Act, enacted by Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan, is an important legal basis for wildlife management and habitat protection. Its purpose is to maintain species diversity and ecological balance. The government and related conservation organizations have designated 17 wildlife refuges. Not only are they the subject of academic researches, they are also the indicators of environmental quality. The checklist of Taiwan (TaiBNET) lists 238 endangered, rare, and other protected species of wildlife in Taiwan. The database also provides information on these species, such as their scientific names (including authors and years), common names, and synonyms. Through Taiwan Biodiversity Information Facility (TaiBIF), the information can be shared and exchanged with other GBIF participants. Users can use keywords to link to other websites with relevant information. All these efforts will result in the circulation of information in the fields of research, education and conservation, which in turn will arouse global attention to the protection of wildlife.